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Wildlife in Sossusvlei

Conservation of wildlife is a high priority in Namibia. Namibia was the world’s first government to establish conservation in Article 95 of its Constitution. There was stipulated that the state has to actively care for the welfare of the people and its policy is to preserve the ecosystems and biological diversity of Namibia. In a still young country like Namibia sometimes it is a balancing act between economic interests and the preservation of the environment and wildlife in Sossusvlei. About 15 percent of the total area of ​​the country are under special protection. The protection of animals was already regulated in 1907 with the founding of the first national parks.

The dry and barren environment of Sossusvlei seems entirely inhospitable and yet there is an amazing diversity of species here. From the Atlantic ocean the Benguela Current brings cool mist into the area so that sufficient moisture is present. Nevertheless, the temperature may rise directly on the floor up to 70 degrees Celsius, so it may not be amiss to animals when they bury themselves into the cool sand.